Post-graduate cource

In 1960, Prof. Ivo Pitanguy created the Plastic Surgery Post-graduate Program at the 8th Infirmary of the Sacred House of Mercy Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. He shared his experiences with young aspiring surgeons interested in improving their skills in this special segment. The first class to graduate the program concluded studies in 1962. Today, the 45th class is underway, soon to join the more than 500 specialists from 40 countries who have undergone the program.

Acknowledged as one of the finest worldwide plastic surgery training programs, the 3-year course is offered at the 38th Infirmary and the Ivo Pitanguy Clinic and also includes the associated services that complement this vast area of medical endeavor. Upon conclusion, each graduate receives a Certificate of Conclusion issued by the Plastic Surgery Post-graduate Program, specialist category (lato senso).

38th Infirmary of the Sacred House of Mercy Hospital of Rio de Janeiro

Telephones: (55-21) 2532-3092 and (55-21) 2532-3092

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